At 4U Hostel we welcome all people from all over the world, wherever they come from and whatever their age. We seek the satisfaction of all our customers in a social environment where they can live pleasant and unforgettable experiences.


How does the booking of a room work?


When you book a shared or single room, you will receive a code that will give you access to your new and temporary home. Inside, you will have your own bed and locker. We will only ask you to respect any beds or lockers that are not your own, as they will belong to another fellow traveller.


Once you are in our hostel, we will ask you to pay for your booking in full when you check-in. From this moment until the end of your stay, all our facilities and staff are at your disposal for whatever you need.

Finally, all you have to do is return your room key to us and enjoy your next destination.


Calle Coches de San Matías,
15, 18009 Granada


With private bathroom

Room for 4 people

With private bathroom

Room for 6 people

Mixed or Female
With private bathroom

Room for 8 people

With private bathroom